Alzheimers Research UK Fundraiser, September 2015

One of the many things I love about my work is how many wonderful people I get to meet whilst out and about. A perfect example of this occurred recently at Lucie and Lukes wedding where a couple of guests, Sandy and Ken, approached me to ask if I would be able to spend a few minutes photographing a charity fundraiser they were hosting. It's great to be able to help out at events like this and as I was free for a little while on the evening in question I said yes.

The event was held this past friday evening at the Gilt Edge Social Club in Worcestershire and was put on to raise much needed funds for Alzheimer's Research UK, a very important organisation in the fight against what many would consider to be one of the cruelest of diseases. 

It's also very topical at the moment as I'm writing this whilst listening to a news story highlighting that apparently 1 in 3 of the babies born this year (2015) will develop some form of Dementia later in life.. something that is truly scary.

Anyway, together with all of the artists involved, Sandy and Ken put on a fantastic nights entertainment. They worked remarkably hard, both in the organisation of the event and throughout the evening but I think they feel that all the effort was very much worth it… everyone present (myself included) really seemed to enjoy themselves.

I should also give a shout out to my wife who baked an awesome chocolate cake for the raffle (Although I didn't get any…..thanks sweetie).

Here are a few images from the night, but in reality the most important thing to check out is the Alzheimer's Research website for more information about this horrible disease and how we can all help work towards finding a cure.