Further adventures in film... January 2016

In my recent 'Review of the Year' post I mentioned how much I have been enjoying getting to grips with a beautiful Medium Format Film camera I purchased in November. Today I received back my latest batch of developed negatives and scans so I thought this would be a good place to share a few of the images.

It's been fascinating learning how to use the Bronica SQ over the last few weeks. I've taken it out with me fairly regularly and have captured a few images now that I am pretty happy with.

The mechanics of shooting with this camera (no Autofocus or Meter and "back to front" viewfinder) means have to do everything really slowly compared to my usual method with my digital cameras. I compose the images in my viewfinder, meter the scene and set up my exposure, recompose and then carefully take the shot. Only having 12 frames on each roll of film means I definitely don't rush... it's certainly not a suitable way of working for me for the split second action of a wedding day!

I love the amazing detail and feel that Medium Format Film provides... even these very low resolution images look great...

The black and white images are Ilford XP2 Super 400 film, with the colour shots being Kodak Portra 400. Hope you like them!

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