Top 10 UK based Wedding Photographer!

So yesterday, completely out of the blue, I received a lovely email from the great folk at Your Perfect Wedding Photographer telling me that I had made the top 10 of their '100 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK' list.

Me being me I was a little confused and to be honest thought maybe someone was playing some kind of practical joke! Being a Wedding Photographer in Worcestershire I tend to not spend to much time looking to much further afield than my own area so when something like this pops up, surely something must be awry! Nevertheless, I looked into it a little more and found that I had indeed been included in the top 10 of what is a very impressive list of truly talented Wedding Photographers.

Alice and Wes leaving Church following their Staffordshire Rodbaston Hall Wedding.
Amanda with her lovely son during the register signing at her Birmingham Wedding to Mark.

I'm not at all sure how relevant this list is, and I know these things are very subjective. I can personally quite easily name 10 other locally based Photographers that I consider to be way better than I am (way way more than 10 if I am honest) and I still consider myself to be very much in the learning stage of my career.

However, it is always great to be recognised for the work you do regardless of the field you work in and I am truly blown away to have my name included alongside the other amazing artists on the list, so I will take it that's for sure!

Just married! an image from Kate and Frans Glangrwyney Court Wedding.
Grandfather and GrandDaughter at a Harlaxton Manor Wedding.

Thank you so much to all of the people that have asked me to work for them over the past few years.... from the folks that took a chance on me at the beginning of my career, to the people that have hired me to shoot their weddings over the next two or three years to come... it is hugely appreciated. Just by allowing me to be myself during your special days has helped (and will continue to help ) me to develop a style that I love and to improve my skills greatly.

Now all I've got to do now is get to number 1!

A beautiful bride. Ali taking some time out during her wedding to Armon in Leicestershire.

All images © John Colson.