36 hours in Milan....

Mrs Colson and I have just returned from a whirlwind few days in beautiful Italy where I had the pleasure of photographing Laure and Stuarts wedding in stunning Bardi. More of that to come soon.

Prior to the wedding though we took the opportunity to spend a short time (36 hours) in Milan before heading south. A beautiful city of which I knew very little (other than of the two famous football teams) before we arrived.

The weather was scorchio so we took our time walking around the city... visiting the Navigli, Brera, a couple of museums (to take advantage of the air conditioning as much as to appreciate the artwork) and what was the highlight of our trip... Milan Cathedral or the Duomo. A breathtaking Cathedral well worth the visit on its own. I also got to use my 'new' (used) Fuji X100T for the first time which was fun :-)

We had a wonderful time in Italy. It is such a spectacular country and when not behind the wheel, the Italian people are the most friendly and welcoming people you could hope to meet. When driving... utterly crazy!

Oh and the food of course.... bellissima! 

Grazie Italia... sei bello. Fino alla prossima volta.

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Images © John Colson.