Leah and Ben, Pre Wedding Photography in Worcestershire.

I popped over to Pershore in Worcestershire last night to meet (we hadn't met up to this point) and photograph Leah and Ben ahead of their wedding later this month.

It is always a little strange meeting up with folks that have booked me without meeting first... what happens if they don't like me?! What happens if we don't get on, or my way of working (I am very much 'hands off') isn't really what they want? I needn't of worried though. Leah and Ben are two of the nicest and most laid back people I have met in a long time. And their dogs Marvin and Millie were so sweet to... I had a great time meeting them all and am really looking forward to their wedding. It will be the perfect way to finish of a very hectic wedding season.

Oh... I'm really enjoying playing with shadows in my imagery at the moment ... I'm of the opinion that you really don't need to blast everything with light, or shoot images to the point of overexposure and then slap a filter in them to create something special. Sometimes it's what you can't see that makes an image and a few of these shots really show the direction that I hope my work is starting to move in. I hope you like them (you can blame the awesome Gabe McClintock if you don't!)

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