Graphistudio Wedding Books


Over the years that I have been shooting weddings, the single most important goal I have had within my business is to provide my clients with the very best experience I possibly can. It is important to me that every client I work for feels special. They are not just another couple on the production line of wedding season. Every single wedding I shoot is the most important wedding I will ever shoot.

This also applies to the options I provide for presenting my work. I have been looking for quite a long time for the ideal book to offer to my clients. The books I have offered have all been wonderful and I have been very happy with them, but for me they just lacked a certain something. I wanted something tactile and something that looked different to everything else I had seen from many other manufacturers. The book also needed to reflect my style of work… it needed to be simple, refined and elegant.


When I met with a representative from Italian company Graphistudio and they showed me their 'Young' and 'Primo' books it was immediately clear that I had found what I had been looking for. It certainly didn't hurt that my own photography hero (and all round wonderful human being) Joe Buissink also works with Graphistudio. For me, that is as good a testimonial as you can get in the wedding photography world.


Both the 'Young' and 'Primo' books could have been designed with exactly what I had in mind for the perfect book to offer to my clients. The design of both books and presentation boxes is perfect, they are both supremely stylish and elegant and the options for customisation are seemingly endless. The Tintoretto paper option upon which the images can be printed just brings photographs to life. Clients I have shown my sample books to have been blown away, with many saying they have never seen anything quite like them before.

To see a little more, please check out Graphistudios promotional video for the Primo book…

I offer both of these books as part of my overall wedding photography packages, or individually should you wish to purchase a book at a later date.

If you have any questions, or wish to take a look at a sample book, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I can guarantee you will be impressed… Graphistudio are a great company, working with some of the very best wedding photographers in the world and believe me, the Tintoretto paper in these books is just magical!