Vegas 2019

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Vegas 2019

I’m writing this on about 4 hours sleep which can only mean one thing… We’ve just got back from Vegas (again) and jet lag is doing it’s wonderful thing…

I’m going to keep this brief as there isn't much I can say about Las Vegas that I haven’t said many times before. This was our 15th visit and it won’t be our last. This trip was epic and I can’t wait to go back. Vegas is loud, dirty, smelly, tasteless, crass… everything that I ordinarily can’t stand but for some weird reason I love it there.

I didn’t really set out to take many photos this trip. For us it was about getting away from it all… spending time around the pool (which we did more so than ever before), seeing some great shows (Opium was great… MJ One, not so much) and eating some great food (Spago > Scarpetta). Winning a few dollars didn’t hurt either….

I must give a couple of shout outs… Thank you to Matt Bridger ( ) for letting us take part in the Slot Pull… was great meeting you and so glad it went so well! To our wonderful helicopter mates during our trip to the Grand Canyon and to Maverick Helicopters thank you for a really great trip. Thank you to Danielle and Ashleigh for looking after us during our many hours at the Mirage Oasis Pool. Thank you to all of the dealers that carded me… at nearly 46 years old it is much appreciated. To the folks at Sinatra for the amazing service that we always receive… wow. And thank you to Captain Morgan.

I did take a few images here and there though… primarily with my Fuji X100T. It was fun to just take shots without thinking about it too much… so they aren’t anything amazing… just images to remind us of a really great time. Here’s to next year (we already have the dates sorted!)

Images © John Colson