Wedding Photography at Curradine Barns, Worcestershire. A first look for Heather and Adam.

My first wedding of 2017 took place at Curradine Barns in Worcestershire this weekend (a nice local wedding to start things off for the year).

Heather and Adam were married yesterday on what was a very chilly, but perfect day. The snow that has been buzzing around the UK avoided Worcestershire completely and we had a dry and bright day. I haven't shot a wedding at Curradine for a little over a year (since Amy and Nicks Christmas Wedding), so it was nice to go back to what it is a very welcoming wedding venue. I must say it would be nice to visit during the summer though!

I really enjoyed working for Heather and Adam. I should say that I was not their original choice to be their wedding photographer... they had at first asked my lovely friend Mel at Olivia Photography to shoot their wedding but with Mel due to have a baby soon (yay!!) she passed on my details and H&A asked me if I would be interested in shooting their wedding instead. Heather and Adam were wonderfully welcoming on our first meeting and made my working day so enjoyable as well. It would of been understandable if they had been a bit wary of me, not being their first choice photographer etc. but not a bit of it... they were just fantastic to work for.

I must also give a quick shout out to Verity at Curradine for looking after me so well yesterday. I didn't get a chance to say thanks when I left, so thank you Verity.

Having taken a couple of weeks off over Christmas and into the New Year, it was great to get back into the swing of things and following on from the precedent set for David and Melissa a little before Christmas, here is a first look at Heather and Adams wedding day (mice included!)... with many more images to come in a few weeks time.

 A nervous Adam ahead of his wedding at Curradine Barns, Worcestershire.
 Heathers 'Irregular Choice' wedding shoes were most impressive!
 Heather making her way to the Ceremony at Curradine Barns with her Father.
 Curradine Barns is one of the few venues that allows guests to throw Confetti indoors, which makes it spontaneous... and therefore fantastic for me!

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