Winter in Worcestershire (such as it is.....)

During a lovely afternoon spent chatting with my parents yesterday, the age old 'We've not had much of a winter this year have we' conversation came up. I must admit, it seems like the legendary winters of my youth (you know... snow drifts, sledging and days off school) just don't seem to happen any more. Winters seem to consist of a few frosty mornings, a light dusting of snow that disappears as quickly as it arrived and a couple of feisty North Atlantic storms scattering wheelie bins down the road and then it's spring again. Now I know other parts of the UK do get quite a battering (and you have my heartfelt sympathy), but here in Worcestershire... not so much.

Anyway, as it is nearly spring (wooohoo) I thought I would share a few images from my most recent walks in the Rifle Range Nature Reserve that backs onto my home. I've said it before and I'll no doubt say it again... it is such a beautiful spot and really helps me unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

All of these shots were taken during the last three months and I hope are a good reflection of the 'winter' we have had.

Sunset in Worcestershire.
An impressive, frosty cobweb in the Rifle Range Nature Reserve, Worcestershire.
The view at sunset from the 'Devils Spittleful' in the Rifle Range nature reserve.

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