Worcestershire Winter Wonderland... Snowfall like I remember it!

Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-16.jpg

Winter Wonderland!

Snowfall in Worcestershire

Over recent years I had more or less given up on ever seeing one of those winters I remember so fondly as a kid. Snow so deep you needed a snorkel to get to school... sledging down the Lickey Hills using the bunkers of the golf course at the bottom of the hill as makeshift ramps (that was definitely NOT safe... we got some serious air off of those things) ... Snow falling for hour after hour with no end in sight. Those were the days!

We've now lived in Worcestershire for nearly twelve years and up to now, winter has been nothing to write home about. The odd storm, a couple of frosty nights and a couple of months of weather that can best be described as 'meh'.

Not so much over this weekend.

It started snowing on Friday, and after a brief intermission on Saturday it absolutely belted it down again on Sunday. I LOVED it! Snowfall is mesmerising to me, and the peace it brings with it as all noise is deadened is wonderful.

After finishing Catriona and Mats wediting this afternoon, I treated myself to a walk in the nature reserve that backs onto our home. It really was a winter wonderland.... snow up to my knees (to be fair I'm kinda short so it wasn't THAT deep), beautiful light and mother nature.

Here are a few images from a lovely hour.

Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-3.jpg
Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-12.jpg
Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-4.jpg
Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-6.jpg

This is Lola. Her human told me that this was the first time out in the snow for her (Lola, not her human)... and it certainly looked like it. She was having a great time!

Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-15.jpg
Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-16.jpg
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Worcestershire <3

Winter snowfall in Worcestershire-17.jpg