Holford Arms Tetbury Wedding, Ellie and Tom's amazing day

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Ellie and Tom

The Holford Arms, Tetbury.

I love me a new wedding venue and The Holford Arms in Tetbury , Cotswolds was exactly that before I photographed Ellie and Toms wedding there a few weeks ago. I love photographing weddings in locations that I haven’t to before… it is challenging (looking for angles, trying to ‘find the light’, dodging footwear (see below) etc.) and exciting in equal measure.

Ellie and Tom were married at The Holford Arms at the end of May and it is no exaggeration to say this was one of the liveliest wedding days I have been a part of. It was non stop and as you will see later, a HUGE party.

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So, as I mentioned earlier this wedding was lively… and I mean super lively! Once the speeches were finished we made our way over to the fields behind the Pub for a spot of tug-of war, five-a-side, welly wanging (dodging flying wellington boots whilst taking photos is ‘interesting’) and other forms of mildly dangerous races (how there were no broken bones will forever remain a mystery to me)….

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And, following the the craziness that was the Cotswolds Olympics came a surprise that I don’t think anyone, including Ellie, was expecting.

Apparently, a few years ago whilst at a festival Ellie told Tom that if they were to ever get married she would like the band that was playing at the time to play at their wedding.

Fast forward to said wedding day and there they were, all set up and ready to play… and Ellie didn’t have a clue.

Now, full disclosure... I hadn’t heard of the Electric Swing Circus before. I’m a middle aged rocker at heart who in addition to loving bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Cult etc. am also partial to a bit of American country (don’t hate)…. so anything outside of these genres I am unlikely to know much about (for example, I couldn’t name a single Ed Sheeran song…. something for which I am very proud).

However, I am now a fully paid up card carrying fan. They were awesome and the atmosphere they helped to create was insane (just check out Ellies dress at the end of the set). They played one full set and the dance floor was packed throughout… I was sorely tempted to put down my camera and join in with the dancing but, A- I was working and B - No one needs to see that.

This was a really special day to be a part of. Full of joy, fun and a lot of hugs (I love hugs). Thank you to Ellie, Tom, Posie, the staff at The Holford Arms and every single one of the guests present… it was awesome!

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