Redhouse Barn Wedding Photographer, Joe and Hayley's Epic Day.

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Joe and Hayley

Redhouse Barn, Stoke Prior, Worcestershire.

My first full day wedding after my return from Vegas took place mid May and what a day it was. Starting over in Dudley Wood and ending at Redhouse Barn in Stoke Prior , Worcestershire (via Oldswinford) …. just over 13 hours door to door I think… but I enjoyed every single minute of it (and the bonus was I got home to watch the end of Eurovision… always good for a bit of a giggle thanks to Mr Norton.)

I met up with Hayley (and what seemed like every other member of her family) at her family home in Dudley Wood. With two hair stylists, two Make Up Artists, a videographer and myself it was busy to say the least. Nevertheless, I managed to shoe horn myself into the odd corner and grabbed a few shots. It was a most enjoyable few hours…

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Once the preparations were complete I hot footed it over to St. Marys Church in Oldswinford for Hayleys wedding to Ceremony to Joe. Now, I had never been to this church before and what can I say… it was gorgeous. Lots of space and lots of light… lovely! Apparently the church holds important memories for my Dad as well (something I didn’t know until the next day when he asked how things went).

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And then, once married Joe and Hayley made their way over to Red House Barn in Worcestershire for their wedding reception. Now, I have photographed weddings at Redhouse a number of times now… it’s a wonderful venue with a little something for everyone. Plenty of outdoor space of course, but if the weather doesn’t play fair the inside of the venue is great, so no real worries at all!

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And now for the thank you’s. To Jane, Jeremy and the staff at Redhouse Barn… thank you as always for the warm welcome, to Hayleys Mom and Dad for welcoming me into their home. It was lovely meeting and working with Wes from Wedding Memory as well. And finally, thank you so much Joe and Hayley for asking me to be a part of your day and for making it so enjoyable.

Oh, and this little moment on the dance floor gave me my favourite shot of the day.

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Images © John Colson.