Rae and Mike's Wedding Day in Worcestershire.

Jinney Ring Wedding Photographer-45.jpg

Rae and Mike

Hanbury Church and the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Worcestershire.

On the odd occasion that someone asks me what I do for a living, when I tell them I photograph weddings their response is more often that not “Blimey, I wouldn’t want your job… what about the pressure?”.

Well, first off… really?… Pressure?… Yes, it is stressful at times (more about that in minute) but real pressure is what Doctors, Nurses, members of the emergency services and armed forces feel. I get to take photographs on the happiest day of peoples lives. Yes, I don’t want to bugger it up, but it isn’t life or death.

Having said that, there is a great feeling on anxiety whenever I leave to shoot a wedding… it’s positive (why wouldn’t I feel anxious?) but it is there…. and none more so than on Rae and Mikes wedding day. Why you ask? Well I shall tell you……

Putting aside weather conditions for a while, for starters Rae is a superb photographer in her own right… so there was that to think about (to see her work check out raeprincephotography.co.uk). Working for another Photographer is strange. On one hand you have the reassurance that they understand the issues you have to face during the day but on the other there is a risk that you constantly second guess yourself.

And then there was the not insignificant issue that Jonathan and Lorna, very good friends of Rae and Mike live right next door to my Dad (a spooky coincidence none of us were aware of until we started chatting during our initial meeting).

And finally the weather…. it was bloody horrible. Pouring down with rain for most of the day, kinda windy and probably most important… it was ridiculously dark. Usually rain isn’t a big deal.. and more often than not a bit of decent light will occur during the day… but not this time. It was what most people who don’t live in Britain imagine our weather is like all of the time… bloody miserable!

So yes, all in all this was one of the hardest weddings I have shot in a long time…

It was also one of the most enjoyable…

Rae and Mike went out of their way to just let me do whatever I wanted to do. Very little formality (brilliant) and a hell of a lot of fun. Rae sadly didn’t get to ride to the church as planned (rain issues) but Jonah was there after the ceremony for a bit of an amble (I’m not a horse person, so apologies if this is a technically incorrect term!). The amazing Tarantara choir kept everyone entertained through the day (they are really good… check them out…) and Rae even arranged a entertaining surprise for Mike ahead of the wedding breakfast. My day was rounded of by a fun first dance routine that tested my ability to keep up with all those involved to the limit!

Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful day, to all the staff at the Jinney Ring craft centre, and especially to Rae and Mike for making what was a tricky day for me so hugely enjoyable. Congratulations once more.

Here are a few of their wedding photographs….

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Images © John Colson