My 2018...

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My 2018 review.

Outside of work, and with the exception of a couple of trips overseas, from start to finish 2018 has not been great.

With that in mind I am going to keep the chatter to a minimum and focus (see what I did there?) on the images.

From weddings… lots of weddings….

On our travels….

My wife and I did get away a couple of times…. once to Las Vegas (of course) to celebrate our anniversary, and also a short trip to Milan (I had a wedding over there so we combined the two). The Milan images were taken on my Fuji X100T and the Vegas ones on either my Canon AE-1 or my Bronica ETRS. Very much looking forward to taking (ok…. air freighting) my new Pentax 6x7 to LV next year.

And having fun

I had intended to get back into shooting portraiture/boudoir this year. It didn’t happen. I did however spend a lovely couple of hours with my friends Sarah, Sarah and Michelle taking a few photographs. It was fun, challenging (who knew Yoga was both difficult to do AND to photograph) but something I want to do a lot more of again. Lets see what the future brings eh!

Oh yeh, if you’re in the Worcestershire/Shropshire area and are looking for a Yoga teacher let me know… I’ll put you in touch.

This year has been a challenge, but I have a lot to look forward to in 2019. Loads of awesome weddings to shoot, new cameras to hopefully help me progress my work forward, new projects and new beginnings.

Thank you to everyone I have worked for this year and for all the love, support and understanding I have received. It has been much appreciated.

Heres to a wonderful 2019!

Best Wishes.