The Wood Norton Wedding Photography. Faye and Elliots fun and family filled day in Worcestershire.

The Wood Norton Worcestershire Wedding Photographer

Faye and Elliot

The Wood Norton, Worcestershire.

The middle of July this year saw me visit a new Worcestershire Wedding venue, The Wood Norton near Pershore.

Faye and Elliot were married on a beautiful summers day in the gorgeous surroundings of the The Wood Nortons hotel and gardens. And what a stunning venue it is! Whilst the gardens and patio areas are really lovely, it was the interior of the main building that really impressed me. With lots of dark wood and big bright windows it suited my way of working perfectly (the Duc D'Orleans suite is gorgeous by the way). It would be a wonderful venue for a winter wedding that's for sure!

Faye and Elliots day was very much centred on enjoying the company of their family and friends. With loads of kids running about to keep me on my toes, bouncy castles, swings in the trees (check out the shot later in this post of the three kids... so cute!) and garden games to keep everyone entertained. I especially liked the vintage van / wine bar provided by Aspen Vintage Events (I need one of those in my back garden!).

As a Worcester Wedding photographer there are many wonderful wedding venues to work at in our stunning county.

And whilst it is great to go back to the same venues on multiple occasions it is always great to work at a new venue for the first time. Discovering new locations to shoot and seeing how the light works and reacting to it is challenging and highly enjoyable. I know it can be very reassuring for couples to know that their photographer has worked at there venue before (which I wholeheartedly understand) but I think there is a lot to be said for approaching a wedding with a fresh pair of eyes as well!

Here are a few images from the Wood Norton of a beautiful day spent with great people.

Bridal Preparation at the Wood Norton Hotel.
The Father of the Bride at a Worcester Wedding.
The Wood Norton Wedding-19.jpg
The Wood Norton Wedding Photography-3.jpg
The Wood Norton Wedding Photographer-14.jpg
Getting ready at the wood norton
Bridal prep at the wood norton
A Bride getting ready for her Wedding In Worcestershire.
Wedding Photography in Worcester.
The wood norton wedding photography - 30.jpg
the wood norton wedding photography worcester.jpg
The Wood Norton Wedding Photography-31.jpg
The Wood Norton Wedding Photography-32.jpg
The Wood Norton Wedding Photography Worcestershire.jpg
The Wood Norton Wedding Photography-36.jpg
Worcester Wedding Photography-44.jpg
F&E portrait-7.jpg

Here's that image I referred to earlier... how cute is this!!

Wedding Photography at The Wood Norton Hotel in Worcestershire.
The Wood Norton Wedding Photography-72.jpg
The wood norton hotel-73.jpg
The Wood Norton Wedding Photography-77.jpg

At least they went with a smile on their faces!

F&E portrait-8.jpg

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